Brand Safety Statement

The Irish Examiner is a quality, trusted and open-minded brand which aims to provide a refreshing blend of insightful, informative, engaging and entertaining journalism. We reflect the lives of our readers in the print and digital spheres by providing a cross-platform blend of quality news, sports, lifestyle and business journalism, curated news, features and opinion across a wide variety of segmented subjects. We aim to reflect this experience for our advertising clients, ensuring that we have the measures and processes in place to promote your brand in a safe and engaging way to our readers.

For direct, programmatic guaranteed and private marketplace bookings:

Channel Targeting
If requested we can target away from certain channels which are more likely to have brand-sensitive content. For example our News Channel can be omitted from campaigns.

Contextual Targeting
We use Oracle Contextual Intelligence, a third party contextual tool that gives us more control and precision of the environments and content we target for advertising. The technology crawls and categorises content, improving our targeting capabilities so we target safe, appropriate, and brand-building inventory, as well as protecting advertisers that may have sensitivities towards certain types of content.
There are built-in categories - some of which are outlined below - that we can apply if requested. We can also create a bespoke category for a particular campaign. Whether it is a topic/category or certain keywords, we can exclude specific campaigns from appearing next to that topic or keyword, depending on the advertiser’s requirements.

Oracle Contextual Intelligence Safety Categories
Fake news
Hate speech

Article exclusions
In some cases where the content is of a sensitive nature, our editorial or operations team may remove specific advertising from this content if we believe it is in the best interest of the advertiser.

For open marketplace bookings:

The marketplace tools allow the buyers to exclude content or keywords that they do not want their ads to appear next to.

Social paid-for extension
With approval from the client, we have the ability to run paid-for promotion from our social platforms; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We adhere to all the brand safety guidelines laid out by the platforms in their respective ad-buying systems.
You can read more about them here: