Fundraiser hits €280k to 'buy pint' for Brazilian who used helmet to intervene in stabbing

Fundraiser hits €280k to 'buy pint' for Brazilian who used helmet to intervene in stabbing

Caio Benicio, a delivery cyclist, was working in Dublin city when he saw the incident unfolding.

A GoFundMe campaign for the Brazilian Deliveroo cyclist who rushed to the aid of a child who was stabbed in Dublin city centre has raised more than €280,000.

Five people were injured in Parnell St in Dublin following the attack outside a school on Thursday in the north inner city centre.

A girl, 5, and a teacher remain in a critical condition in hospital after they were stabbed during the incident.

Caio Benicio, a delivery driver, was working in the city when he saw the incident unfolding.

The 42-year-old intervened and restrained the attacker before getting him to drop the knife.

The fundraiser was started to “buy Mr Benicio a pint" for his heroic actions.

The page's organisers have described Mr Benicio as a “hero” and have asked for people to donate the price of a pint of Guinness in their local “so that he knows the people of Dublin appreciate him”.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe has confirmed that a trust and safety team is monitoring the page so that donors “can give with total confidence”.

“In Caio's case, that means funds are on hold until they can get to the right person and Caio or a member of his immediate family withdraws the funds,” a statement read.

A separate fundraiser, in aid of the carer who also stepped in in the immediate aftermath of the stabbing and the children involved, had raised €125,000 by 8.15 on Friday night.

'I am no hero'

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Mr Benicio said: “I am no hero, I am grateful for the support, but I was only there in the right time and the right place.

“I acted on instinct,” he said. “But now, after some rest, I can’t get the little girl out of my head. It is in my thoughts. I hope she will be ok, otherwise I will feel more guilty, guilty for maybe not acting sooner, not being there quicker, I don’t know, just some thoughts in my head.

“I saw everything, I just acted on instinct. I didn’t even think about what I [was] going to do.”

He said he witnessed the attack and did not think about fear or about being brave.

I just got there and acted. I am resting today and praying for the child. Yesterday I was in shock.

“I feel a little bit better now. It’s to pray for the girl and wait for the news is all I can do.”

Caio Benicio said he 'just acted on instinct'. Picture: Charles McQuillan/Getty
Caio Benicio said he 'just acted on instinct'. Picture: Charles McQuillan/Getty

Mr Benicio has been praised by the Taoiseach and the gardaí for intervening before emergency services responded, however, he remained humble about his actions.

“I am a father,” he said. “I would do what anyone else would do. It was just instinct; I just took action. I don’t see myself as a hero. I am just [a] guy that was in the right time and right place.”

The father of two said he has not had any update on the little girl who was seriously injured, apart from official statements made today.

“I hope I can see her sometime in the future,” he said. “I hope she will be OK, but it is very serious.

“I think every parent would do the same. I am nothing special. 

“I saw a little girl being stabbed; I think what can you do? I just went in to stop him and I hit him with my helmet. I hit him to the ground.

Mr Benicio has a daughter aged 18 and a son aged 12, who are both in his home city of Rio de Janeiro.

“They will come here sometime,” he said. “My family are all asking for me and in contact. I have many friends. I love Dublin. I am very sad to see what happened to the city, but I am a worker here from Brazil and people have always treated me well.

“I took yesterday and today off. I don’t know if I will be able to carry on work tomorrow. Let’s see if I will get some sleep. 

I am an immigrant myself, I helped just like any person would. The good and the bad in the person is about who they are not where they come from.

“With everything that happened yesterday people were asking me if I don’t feel safe. But I do feel safe here, people have always treated me nice in Dublin.”

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