These are the best cars to downsize into

Looking to buy a smaller car that might also save you money? Here are some great choices
These are the best cars to downsize into

Dacia Sandero.

There was a time when small cars were as basic as possible, often doing away with equipment and creature comforts in the name of keeping prices low.

Today’s small cars are required for so much more, though, with far greater expectations placed on them. From the levels of space they offer to the equipment and the general fit and finish, small cars have never been as good.

It means that if you’re thinking of downsizing, perhaps to free up money or simply as you want something smaller, now is a perfect time. Let’s take a look at the best smaller cars to downsize into.

Dacia Sandero 

The Dacia Sander still offers fantastic value for money. This second-generation model, priced from €16,190, undercuts the majority of its rivals by several thousand pounds, yet you’d never know from the way it drives.

With refined road manners and peppy small petrol engines, the Sandero is a very capable model, while offering a 328-litre boot and plenty of space in the rear seats. Though you might turn your nose up at the thought of a Dacia, a quick test drive is all you’d need to realise the Sandero is a prime candidate for downsizing.

Honda Jazz 

Honda Jazz.
Honda Jazz.

The Honda Jazz might not be the best tool for improving your street cred, but this supermini-cross-MPV is one of the most practical small cars on the market. It’s no longer than a Ford Fiesta, yet is taller and offers lots of room for rear passengers and clever rear seats that can fold up like theatre chairs and then fold completely flat into the floor.

The Jazz also comes with a highly efficient hybrid powertrain, which can return more than a claimed 60mpg, along with low CO2 emissions of 102g/km. Honda has also recently revised the Jazz, which gets a small increase in power and new trim levels as well.

Volkswagen Polo 

Volkswagen Polo.
Volkswagen Polo.

Volkswagen’s latest Polo supermini is far closer to the Golfs of a few generations ago, and in that respect, it’s ideal for those looking to change into a smaller but no less capable car. 

The Polo is one of the best small cars on sale, with levels of refinement and comfort much closer to those of larger and more premium makes.

It’s got a roomy interior as well, with a 351-litre boot and a decent amount of rear-seat space making it ideal for small families. It’s certainly one of those cars that makes you wonder why you’d ever need to upgrade.



If you think smaller electric cars are only suitable to use around the city, the MG4 will prove you otherwise. The latest addition to MG’s growing EV range, it’s now available with a large 77kWh battery that allows for a claimed range of up to 530km – more than plenty of far larger electric SUVs.

The MG4 is also one of the best smaller electric cars on sale, owing to its generous equipment levels, roomy interior and enjoyable driving experience. Its €30,995 starting price continues to make it one of Ireland's most affordable new EVs too.

Hyundai i10 

Hyundai i10.
Hyundai i10.

City cars are traditionally the smallest cars on sale and are probably too compact to downsize into, but the exception is the Hyundai i10. At 3.7m in length, it really is tiny, but thanks to clever packaging, it’s just as roomy as cars from the class above.

It’s a remarkably complete package for something of this size, even driving well and being suitable for far longer journeys. We’d just advise skipping the entry-level 1.0-litre petrol if you do plan on escaping urban surroundings frequently as it’s quite underpowered.

Jeep Avenger 

Jeep Avenger.
Jeep Avenger.

A Jeep in a list of the best small cars? You might think it’s been added by accident, but no, the firm’s new Avenger arrived as Jeep’s most compact model ever. It’s also the brand’s first electric car too, as well as its first model designed and engineered specifically for Europe.

Capable of 400km to a charge, the Avenger is a compact SUV that brings ‘big car’ styling and a decent level of interior space. If you’re looking at downsizing from a larger SUV, this baby Jeep is well worth considering.

Mercedes B-Class 

Mercedes B-Class.
Mercedes B-Class.

The B-Class is often the forgotten model in the Mercedes line-up. Massively outsold by the A-Class, the ‘B’ is a similar size in terms of footprint, yet offers significantly more interior space. With a 455-litre boot (up from 370 litres in the A-Class), it also has more room for passengers in the back.

While it’s not quite as stylish to look at, it carries over the same level of technology and high-end digital displays as the A-Class, and is well worth considering if you want a premium compact car that still offers a good amount of space.

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